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Dental Exams & X-rays

Routine dental exams are essential for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

It is recommended that you have an exam once a year. At this frequency, most problems can be caught early.

What to Expect

Dr. McPherson will first examine your mouth using a mirror, dental picks, and high intensity lights. He will be looking for cracked and decayed teeth, as well as review other important items such as:

* Medical history review: Dr. McPherson will want to discuss any current or changes in your medical history that can affect your
your dental health.
* Tooth decay and/or cracked teeth: Your teeth will be examined for any possible decay or cracking to prevent further
* Grinding and/or clinching of the teeth: Your mouth/teeth will be checked for any signs of grinding/clinching that may be
happening. Grinding of the teeth often happens during sleep or stressful situations, and many people are not even aware that
they are even doing it.
* Oral Cancer Screening: The face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, cheeks, gums, and tissues will be checked for any evidence of oral
* Gum disease: Your gums and bones around the teeth will be evaluated for any signs of periodontal disease.
* Existing restorations: All current fillings, crowns, bridges, and other restorations will be examined to be sure they are all in good

Diagnostic x-rays are taken as part of dental exams to reveal any hidden problems that can not be easily seen or diagnosed, especially in areas below the gums. Bitewing x-rays are taken every 12 months, and a panoramic x-ray (full facial) is taken every 5 years.

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